How To Post

Although it is a little bit involved to change what's on the majority of the website, it now has a relatively simple mechanism to publish to the News page. This is a simplified walkthrough of how to do this - if you're computer-adept then feel free to race on and explore what you can do - let me know if you have any questions!



These take the form of posts, like this one below for the COVID-19 pandemic that I did for example. You type some text, pick a featured image if you like, and add in a PDF file if you are putting up an event poster or newsletter for example.



To write your post you need to log into the website, at, using the details emailed to you. If you need more people added or a password reset, let me know!

Once you are in you will get the Dashboard, which looks a bit like mine below (but with less on it than I have).



To view existing posts, click 'Posts' on the left hand side. This show you a list of what's already up there, both drafts and published posts. 'Sticky' just means that post is pinned to the top, useful for announcements like the COVID-19 notice. From here you can continue working on any draft you might have, or create a new post by clicking 'Add New'.



If you click on Add New, you get the editor screen below. Type a title for the post and you can write what you like where it says 'Start writing'.

It's good practice to upload a picture for the post. To do this click where it says 'Document' on the right and then 'Set featured image'. Don't worry about the other settings on that side.

You can choose one from the media library or click 'Upload Files' in the top left to upload something new from your computer. Once you've picked an image, click the 'Set featured image' button in the bottom-right.



So once you have written your title and the text, and set the featured image, you can click 'Preview' in the top right to open a separate tab showing you how it would look on the website. If you're happy with it, go back to the editor tab and click 'Publish'. Your post will immediately go live on the website! It is as simple as that...

However, if you want to attach a PDF or JPG file to the post, for example if you are posting about an event and have a flyer or if you are posting the church newsletter, there's an extra step needed before you preview your post. Above your text you will see three dots arranged vertically (see below), this is the 'More options' button.



Click that button then click Insert After and then the little plus in a circle on the right to add a new block underneath the block you have written your text in. You get lots of options about what kind of block to put in - you use this to add additional images in amongst text for example, by clicking 'Image'. To add a PDF file, e.g. a newsletter, click PDF Embedder (see below).



This will add a block for a PDF to be inserted. Click on where it says 'Click here to Open Media Library to select PDF' and upload the file just like you would do with an image.

After uploading or selecting the PDF and clicking 'Select', it'll look a bit like below.



You can now preview and/or publish the post as mentioned before!

I hope this helps - if anyone has any questions about this process or what more you can do with it, let me know!



All the best,